Here are some frequently asked questions about The MAP Agency.
Why does The MAP Agency focus on women and flexible employment opportunities?
At The MAP Agency there are three basic facts that led us to this mission:

  1. Women regardless of job status handle the majority of household and care related task and they will often feel pushed or pulled to choose between career or motherhood being the priority.
  2. When women choose motherhood as the priority they risk altering their career path and earning potential.
  3. Research shows that flexible work options is a way to build a better work/life fit, supporting overall wellbeing and providing a more satisfying job experience.   The result is less attrition for companies and more efficient and productive professional output.
What is considered flexible or alternative employment?
Flexible work/alternative employment comes in many forms, it could be independent contract assignments, special projects, remote work, part-time or temporary employment such as maternity fills, job sharing etc.  We consider assignments flexible when the member can maintain some level of control on how, when and where they work with a focus on high quality, professional output.
What happens after I register?
Once your membership has been approved you will receive an email confirmation with information on how to complete your profile and use the MAP Agency services.
Is my information shared with outside sources?
Your information will never be shared without your permission.  Complete terms are outlined in our privacy policy.  The MAP Agency will contact you if we have a position that fits your skills and specified requirements.  You will be an active participate in the job procurement process.
Does The MAP Agency find traditional full-time jobs?
Our main goal at The MAP Agency is to find flexible, high quality positions for our members, but we do have companies that are interested in hiring our members full-time and we say “go for it!” if that is where you are in your life we encourage it and salute you as you move forward!
Do members pay a membership fee?
Your MAP membership is free.  Typically, our fees are negotiated directly with the organizations we work with.  However, there are instances when an organization may want to negotiate payment directly with a member and we will arrange a flat fee or percentage of total compensation.  As a member you will always be involved with that process.

From time to time we will offer optional additional services, opportunities, and resources to our members that may require payment.

Who are the MAP members?
Our MAP members are professional, educated, qualified women who have opted out of the workforce at some point and are looking to resume their professional careers or looking to pivot in their career.  They have experience and skills in a wide variety of areas.
Why should we consider working with The MAP Agency?
A partnership with The MAP Agency will serve multiple purposes for your organization.  We help you find the talent you need with access to qualified, ambitious women while helping you diversify and strengthen your workforce.
What if I don’t have any flexible job opportunities now but I am interested in working with MAP Members?
The MAP Agency has some members who are seeking traditional employment so we will try to accommodate your request.  We can also analyze your employment needs against our membership skills to see if there are components of the job or project you can source out to our members that will help you achieve your goals.
How do I gain access to MAP Members and what are the payment terms?
The MAP Agency offers several different levels of corporate partnerships, we will work out terms based on your specific needs and company structure.  We are just as eager to work with start-ups as we are with established companies.
Still need help?
For any additional questions, please contact us at info@mapsc.net.

A non-traditional workforce resource dedicated to helping qualified women relaunch professional careers with empowerment for a healthier, happier, more productive path back to work.