Here’s a quick wrap up to hit on a couple of the takeaways from our Lunch and Learn with the fabulous and very authentic Jamie Patterson of The Clemson MBA Program. This was so much more than a session to find out what employers are looking for (which by the way is not rocket science and is very reflective of who we are as women) it was also an opportunity for self -growth and reflection.

Know Thyself and Don’t Be Afraid to Let Others Know:

What are you most proud of? What are your accomplishments? Your resume and your professional social media accounts are an opportunity to highlight your gifts, talents, and accomplishments. It’s time to take the shame out of the shameless plug, unless you have a personal publicist you are in the business of selling you.

Fake It Till You Make It:

Realize that everyone is still trying to “figure it out”. No one has this thing completely together, not even that person you admire and secretly wish that you could have what they have. We all have challenges – it’s up to you figure out how to overcome yours. Learn what your “power moves” are and determine who and what motivates you; this goes a long way in shaping who you ultimately want to be personally and professionally.

Thank you Jamie, for sharing your time with us, thank you to the ladies who attended, and thank you to social media for not being around 20 years ago! (inside joke to our group who attended). We are starting to build a network that will enhance our personal lives and open professional opportunities for us all. We CAN get our careers back on track – let’s stay committed to doing the work. If you haven’t joined The MAP Agency, take a few minutes to do so by clicking the link below. We need to add your special talents to our growing list of experienced women for hire! #strongertogether