MAP Member Spotlight: Amy D.

Here’s a quick Q & A with MAP Member Amy D. about being accepted as a candidate into our “Return to Work” Program with Michelin, North America and working with The MAP Agency!

MAP Agency: Tell us about your work experience before your career break?

Amy D: I received my Bachelor’s in Marketing and found myself working in banking out of college. Once I started working I discovered I really liked working with numbers and was drawn to the accounting and finance side. Over thirteen years I worked a variety of positions, taking a year off to finish my Master’s in Professional Accountancy and earn my CPA license.

MAP Agency: How long was your career break and what factors were involved with making that decision?

Amy D: I have been out of what would be considered the “traditional paid workforce” for more than 10 years! I initially planned to take time off to care for my son who needed a variety of occupational & physical therapies that required fulltime care. Then our family moved based on my husband’s career & life just continued to happen… But during that time, I did tons of volunteering. For several years I tutored in math and was the sole bookkeeper for our Church which allowed to me to keep my skills updated. I also completed refresher accounting courses for that.

MAP Agency: How do you feel about returning to work at this point in your life?

Amy D: Energized and excited! I am thrilled for the opportunities that await me. I am looking forward to the pace of work and using my skills to help others and a company to solve problems.

MAP Agency:  What are your thoughts on the Return to Work Program?

Amy D: The return to work program is a special, distinctive program that gives new life to careers that have been pushed into the background for a while. It allows for new vibrancy to skills and abilities that are still valuable in today’s workplace.

MAP Agency: Finally, what was your experience like working with us?

Amy D: My experience with The MAP Agency has been wonderful. Nichelle’s passion for people returning to the workforce is infectious. She has been my biggest coach and cheerleader throughout this process. Her insight into this unique, untapped workforce is unmatched. Where others closed the door The MAP agency helps to open it…wide!