Woman owned and operated out of the Upstate, The MAP Agency has cultivated a strong network of highly qualified professionals who are enthusiastic about re-launching or pivoting in their careers.  They bring prior work experience, dedication, real world navigation tools and mature perspectives to the table on day one and beyond. Exactly what you need to build, diversify and stabilize your workforce. 

What Our Members Are Looking For: #1 is to bring value to your team. Our members are open to a variety of workforce solutions: full-time, part-time and contingency assignments.


What we know for sure…
Women DO leave the workforce taking their skills and talents with them and although women are more educated and experienced than ever before those numbers are not showing any signs of slowing down.

Most companies are missing the mark on gender diversity in management and leadership positions. 

The flood of women leaving the workforce has created a noticeable drain on the qualified talent pool. An overwhelming majority of these women DO want to return to work.

Companies that put an emphasis on gender engagement and diversity have better financial outcomes.
“Connecting smart women to smart companies.”
  • Connect: to qualified women through direct hires, project based assignments, maternity fill-ins for your staff and return to work programs that fuel your talent pipeline.
  • Speak Directly to Women: By highlighting your company culture, employees, mission and commitment within our community. Smart women spend time researching employers.
  • Sponsor An Event: Get involved in the community we are creating. 
  • Invite us to speak at your event: We speak on a variety of topics relating to the importance of retaining and engaging women in the workforce.
Our Clients
The world of work continues to change and evolve. Are your traditional recruiting and retaining efforts working?
Be Proactive: Today’s job seekers are considering more than just salary when making employment decisions.

Ask us about our Return to Work Program we can help source and select highly qualified candidates based on your organization’s needs and put together a unique program that will contribute to your financial objectives, talent pipeline and gender diversity initiatives.

 Looking for resources for the new parents in your organization? Ask us about our More Than Time Off customized packages that bring together local experts and new parent essentials to your employees and their growing families.


Establishing a partnership with The MAP Agency should be part of your overall strategy.
We offer you a direct pipeline to a highly qualified, experienced, diverse pool of talent.

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A non-traditional workforce resource dedicated to helping qualified women relaunch professional careers with empowerment for a healthier, happier, more productive path back to work.